Welcome to NJ Ruthless Softball

This is NJ Ruthless!

We are a premier fastpitch organization aimed at providing each player a path to success. In 4 years of existence, NJ Ruthless boasts 11 teams ranging from 10u to 23u. With 28 former players now competing at the collegiate level (D1 to D3), we open the door to the next level. By providing high level training with Olympic and Professional Coaches, select roster sizes, top tournaments, and a mission to value our student athletes, NJ Ruthless is making a commotion in fastpitch softball.

Our team goals range from our National NJ Ruthless Showcase Team who have traveled throughout the country to compete in the best National events including PGF, Blue Chip, Triple Crown and USA Events in Atlanta, Tennessee, Ohio, South Carolina, and Florida. Coached by a College Hall of Famer, our team of 11-12 players are on the field for significant innings in these top-level tournaments. With an annual budget exceeding $50,000, including 17 tournaments in 2022-2023 and our winter training program, we spend our funds on our players. Our player tuition is at a rate many cannot match at $3,200 per player.

NJ Ruthless also boasts three Regional Showcase Teams that will compete largely in the Northeast at some of the region’s most prestigious events. We have found the exposure for our players is significant when competing in these tournaments and with the belief that the best way to improve is to be in the game we keep the roster size small. With approximately 12 highly competitive players for a cost of $2,800, these teams primed for success.

The 12u and 14u NJ Ruthless Teams actively train and participate in a robust tournament schedule. Development is the focus and tournaments are selected based on team goals and may include playing at the next age level. The cost of these teams is approximately $2,200 – $2,800 per player.

For players starting their softball journey, our 10u NJ Ruthless team will play in over 15 events this year ($10k in tournaments). Trained by highly skilled coaches, provided the best outdoor resources and a full winter training with uniforms for $1200 per year.

Our NJ Ruthless Teams play at the brand new, state of the art, Adventure Sports Complex in Jackson, NJ. Beautiful high end eight turf softball fields we call home. Our complex hosts large tournaments, showcase events, collegiate games, high school tournaments and more.

In the end, we are positioned to offer players high end training, varying tournament schedules based on players interest at the East Coast’s newest softball facility. Learn more about us here or visit our tryout page and experience NJ Ruthless for yourself!