Ruthless Softball Code of Conduct, Contract

Parents, players, coaches, managers and all spectators have an obligation to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at all times during and after a game, practices or any Ruthless Softball sponsored event.

Certain conduct will not be tolerated by Ruthless Softball, and each team within Rutless Softball should discuss the following rules and procedures with their players/parents to be used as a guideline.

1.  We must all keep in mind that the game of softball is supposed to be enjoyed by everyoneThe purpose of Ruthless Softball is to provide the young ladies of our region the opportunity to develop their skills and to be competitive in fastpitch softball on a national level.

2.  Coaches/Managers should know and follow the rules for their respective level of play.  Reading the rules of the organization and attending the meetings/coaches clinics of this organization can only accomplish this.  You cannot teach the rules to the players if you do not take the time to learn them yourself.

3.  There will be NO borrowing of players from another “Sanctioned” team roster, within Ruthless Softball or outside the Ruthless Softball in tournaments requiring an ASA, or other governing bodies Championship Rosters, this includes qualifiers, and advanced play or championship tournaments of any kind, unless allowed by the sanctioning body and agreed to by all parties of interest. All request to guest must be approved by coach and program director before the event. Ruthless teams that utilize an internal member to play for another team – are treated equally as any other player on that team. Outside guests on Ruthless teams are treated as a full guest – meaning the coach typically bats the guest lower/last in lineup and attempts to limit play in the field when possible. The coach maintains discretion on utilization of guest’s players and many circumstances will/may vary the use of the Guest.                             

4.  Coaches/Manager must lead by example.  Encourage good Sportmanship and Respect for the opposing teams and the umpires.

5.   THINK before you speak.  How and what you say before, during and after a game can cause hurt feelings and/or cause friction between the players, parents, coaches, managers, umpires or a community. Waiting 24 hours after an event is the golden rule – everyone needs to follow.

6.  Always caution players whenever they hear comments that might generate hard feelings.  These rules for good conduct, however are for Parents, Players, Coaches and all individuals associated with Ruthless Softball.

7.  DO NOT argue judgement calls made by an umpire.  Remember, they can only call the game as they see it.  Don’t expect them to be perfect because none of us are.  It is, of course, the Manager’s right to ask about a call or to ask for help from the other umpire.  But do not act in a way that escalates the situation.  Always remember you’re not only representing yourself but the Ruthless organization as well.  Lots of eyes are on you.

8.  The manager is the only individual allowed to communicate with the umpire.  That communication should be in a civil manner.

9.  DO NOT speak to the opposing players or their fans in a negative or insulting manner.

10.  DO NOT direct chatter at opposing players.

11.  DO NOT allow negative chatter of any kind.

12.  DO NOT use foul and abusive Language.

13.  DO NOT show fits of temper if a call does not go your way or if a player makes a mistake.

14.  DO NOT do anything that would create a spectacle, such as: Excessively loud or continuous chanting, screaming, hollering, use of cowbells or air horns.  As a general rule, no noise making objects are allowed during games.  You may cheer for you team but not against your opponents.

15.  DO NOT speak in an abusive fashion to a player, including your own child- they are there to enjoy the GAME.

16.  DO NOT under any circumstances threaten a Manager, Coach, Player, Parent or any Individuals while participating in a Ruthless Softball event.

17.  DO NOT use abusive language towards individuals or the Ruthless Softball organization while at any Ruthless Softball function. Period. No exceptions. These are coaches and trainers who care for the game, players and are both volunteering as well as being paid a small stipend – respect them and each other. Parents and parent/managers may use public applications such as Gamechanger – to help. This is does not mean it is an official record or measurement of your child.  Coaches will use many and various tools – none more impactful that practice/play . DO NOT attack, threaten or scream at other parents. Everyone is free to score games on-line on their own.

18.  Managers are responsible for the action of the parents, family members and guest from their side. It is the manager’s responsibility to control a fan.

19.  If you choose to leave the organization mid-year, you are not allowed to join another Ruthless Team. Team funds are allocated on a full roster for a full year. Leaving a team hurts the remaining team – regardless of your feelings about why you are leaving.

You are committed to the time of your contract. No refunds or partial refunds are provided – per the player’s contract.

Signed and agreed to on this date:

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(Managers, Coaches, Parents/Guardians)    

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