Covid-19 Statement

We are trying our best to get the girls back playing , and of course as safe as possible . 

With that – I want to reiterate a number of points. 

There are no sure fire ways to fully eliminate the risks associated in catching this Covid virus , sars or any of these invisible viruses . If you want proof – look at the Caribbean. Fully free of covid , they chose to let in returning visitors assuming a negative test . Well now they have many cases – because the tests aren’t fail proof .

Neither is the idea of a temperature check , with less than 50% accuracy according to some experts .  This is in line with the many stories of those held up in their house but yet somehow contract the virus . Or the WHO and CDC mixed statements on masks , spreading theories and immunity . 

As we have said – NJ Ruthless advises each family to take full responsibility on fulfilling whatever steps they feel confident in doing , including staying home. We simply can not guarantee any of our additional steps to be 100% effective. That being said – we will try our very best to clean , disaffect , social distance and have everyone follow each facility’s / directors / states guidelines . 

And of course – we continue to rely on all parents to use prudence and care , ensuring they do not send a player who is possibly showing signs and or been exposed to anyone with a virus . 

These are unique and difficult times . Many say vitamin D and sun is healthy . So many theories on this virus and what we should do . In the end – do only what you feel comfortable in doing and please always communicate concerns .

Sincerely, AJ