Ruthless Softball Social Media Code of Conduct

Ruthless Softball is aware that many of our player/parents/families and friends participate on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and certain softball forums, email, Skype (and others).  At all times we should strive to make any social media commentary as positive as possible.  When we represent ourselves as members of Ruthless Softball, we become someone’s impression of Ruthless Softball.  As such, it is important that we act accordingly and conduct ourselves in a socially responsible manner.

1. DO NOT post on any social media any negative comments about any teammate, coach or any individuals associated with Ruthless Softball.

2. DO NOT post on any social media any negative comment about an opposing organizations player, coach, parent or any individuals associated with that organization.

3. DO NOT use profanity on any post to any social media when representing yourself as a member of the Ruthless Softball.

4. DO NOT use a Ruthless Softball email list for your own personal agenda or to promote your views on any topic without the written approval of Ruthless Softball.

5. DO not text/teamsnap, privately post any profanity, inappropriate content, images or pictures to or about any Ruthless Players/coaches etc. . We cannot, and do not regulate any communication outside of team snap’s Ruthless team chat but Ruthless reserves the right to suspend or even expel members that violate this rule. More importantly, players should be aware how the digital world can forever damage their reputation.