Ruthless Softball Player Code for Good Conduct

1.  I will represent myself, my family my team and the Ruthless Softball organization with dignity and integrity at all times.

2.  I will play with pride and passion no matter the circumstances of the game. I will support my teammates and maintain a positive attitude even if I am not in the starting lineup.

3.  I will be courteous and respectful to my teammates, coaches, parents, opponents, game officials and tournament officials.

4.  I will refrain from outburst of anger, temper or poor sportsmanship.  I will be responsible for my own equipment and the “Team” equipment.  I will not throw any equipment out of anger.

5.  I will never direct negative cheers or comments toward the opposing team and I will not use vulgar or offensive language or gestures regardless of the circumstances.

6.  I will respect and do no harm to any facilities that I use; fields, hotels, and etc.

7.  I will absolutely refrain from any involvement with drugs, tobacco or alcohol.

Participation in ALL scheduled practices expected. Missed practices need to be communicated with coaches ahead of time. Ruthless player’s contract further defines these policies as MANDATORY.

During softball season (spring and summer), Ruthless Softball expects the players to be 100% dedicated to the practice schedule (practices, scrimmages, games, etc). During softball season, Ruthless Softball expects players to prioritize any Ruthless Softball activity including practice over any recreational team activity, which includes recreational softball, AAU basketall, etc.  In other words if a Ruthless Softball practice is scheduled and there is a recreational game, the Ruthless Softball player will attend Ruthless Softball practice.

Ruthless Softball fully supports middle and high school programs.  In this case, middle and high school games, practices or other school sponsored functions take priority over Ruthless Softball activities.  In all cases of anticipated conflict, you must notify your Manager as early as possible.

Signed and agreed to on this date:_____________________________

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